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Guest Artist Karen Crosby is an artist and educator with more than 39 years of experience teaching all levels, elementary, secondary, university, including adult education. She has always been facinated with paper and all things related. Currently working on marbled paper and paste paper in the creation of one-of-a-kind handmade books often incorporating calligraphy and scherensnitta.




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Schrenschnitte is a German word for scissors cutting and is a popular craft in which fine designs are cut with a scissors or a knife. Many cultures around the globe have similar forms of paper cutting. This workshop explores the fundamentals of designing and cutting both traditional and non-traditional papercuts.

Participants experiment with a scissors and x-acto knife to create original designs, employing symmetrical, asymmetrical and radial drawings to cut. Additionally, participants will explore nontraditional methods such as calligraphic and free form paper cutting, even adding a bit of color to the paper designs, offering participants new avenues in their artwork. Holiday motifs may be explored also to create one of a kind tree ornaments or frameable holiday wreath.


Materials to bring if already in possession: a large self healing cutting mat, large and small scissors, x-acto knife with a number 11 cutting blades and inspirational source materials such as photos, drawings or magazine pictures are encouraged.


Saturday December 2nd- 9am - 4pm $90.00  All materials included with workshop fee.


call 262-970-9524, email or request to join our mailing list at  info@OttosArtAcademy.com 

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